Team Building

Team Building

RF Adventures works as a team, even on the adventures you can progress as a team. That’s why the team at RF Adventures knows how important teamwork is, the biggest sideline for teamwork is the sled dog where no “hurdle” could be managed without co-operation and cohabitation.

Teamwork should not be left to chance; For this reason, team-building has among other objectives, the goal of creating a positive working climate and ensuring a trustworthy cooperation.

On the one hand, team formation can be a process by which work groups and teams are automatically phased in the course of their existence, and on the other hand an active, controlled process which serves to improve the co-operation of employees, especially in the case of temporary projects.

The aim is to promote co-operation and team spirit in order to increase the efficiency of the team. It should be noted that not only efficient collaboration within the team is ensured, but also the collaboration between the team and the supervisor. In addition,  dissatisfaction in the teams has to be eliminated.

Team development activities usually consist of the analysis of the actual situation and its processing (what runs badly and why ?, what needs to be improved? etc.) and group exercises to clarify the mechanisms and dynamics of teams.

Often not only the competencies of individual team members or the entire group (eg communication) are optimized, but also structures of cooperation are rearranged. In addition to training and coaching, moderated workshops, feedback techniques and outdoor training are used as methods.

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