In the survival classes the guests are not shown how to mud and then deep in the forest and slaughter animals, but how to behave environmentally friendly and natural in the free wilderness and survive with the help of nature. In addition, how to orient oneself outside and how to avoid a suddenly loss of orientation for a comfortable stroll. The guests are shown how to build a safe, dry and warm shelter for one night, how to make fire … even if you have no matches available.

Plant and animal emergency food

Guests will be given a course in plant as well as in animal emergency food. They are shown how to behave if a poisoned plant, has accidentally be eaten.

Rope Art

Those who are interested are shown how to abseil with and without securing, of course also how to move up with a rope. They are taught how to make ropes themselves and what you can do with ropes using the right knot technique.

Overnight Stays

The “freshly baked adventurers” can sleep in their self-made shelter.

First Aid

Those interested are shown first aid techniques outdoors. They learn how to help themselves or their partner with only a few resources that nature can provide us with.

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