Eric Streff

Mountaineer, adventurer
Date of birth: October 13th, 1982

Eric has spent most of his time outdoors from the first day he could walk. After having discovered his passion for hiking and mountaineering, he has travelled to the Alps several times a year ever since. He prefers hiking and mountaineering off the usual trails, thus satisfying his constant need to challenge himself and reaching his personal goals and ambitions. Together with his wife, he has already been able to climb several mountain peaks.

As a father of three children, he teaches them about hiking, mountaineering as well as the dangers that could await them in mountainous areas and how to behave in such situations as soon as they are three years of age. In the summer of 2016, he could even fulfil his son’s biggest wish of climbing the Dachstein, a 2996 meter-high mountain in Austria. Together with his father, Mika proudly reached the peak of the Dachstein at the early age of 8 years.

Eric loves travelling with his family and friends, mostly with their tent. That way, he can be as close to nature as possible and is able to teach his children how to behave in nature and how to treat it respectfully.